Best Ingredients for Appetite Suppressant Pills

Best Ingredients for Appetite Suppressant Pills

Individual ingredients are a very important part of any appetite suppressant pill, you should always investigate any hunger suppression supplements by examining the ingredients used by the company that is creating them. By knowing each individual ingredient used you can discover if they will be effective, safe and will not cause you any side effects or health complications. Just because it is stated that they are made with natural extracts of the highest quality, appetite suppressant supplements can still cause complications and upsets with your general health when being consumed.

In this list of the best ingredients for appetite suppressants we will be listing the most successful ingredients we have discovered over the years to be:

  •     Safe with no nasty surprises
  •     Effective and suppresses appetite effectively
  •     Not banned or illegal ingredients

We have personnel experienced in using appetite suppressants from powders, pills, drinks, and patches and can tell you that pills are the best and safest way to suppress your appetite. But not just any pills will do!

Top Appetite Suppressant Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonii Ingredient

This is the best overall ingredient for natural and safe appetite suppression, it is used by bushmen and chewed raw. Hoodia extract can reduce your appetite successfully for many hours and is side effect free. Hoodia Gordonii is an extract from the cacti plant pictured below.

Hoodia Gordonii Source: Wikipedia Hoodia

Yerba Mate Ingredient

Yerba Mate has been another successful natural appetite suppressant ingredient and has been used by a company called Zotrim for many years that patented it with other unique ingredients.

It is natural and has a low amount of side effects reported to us, but it is very effective when it comes to suppressing your hunger. Yerba Mate leaves are used in teas, patches, and pills sold by many supplement manufacturing companies.

Make sure you investigate other ingredients when buying Yerba Mate supplements as many companies add other ingredients to make this look more appealing to the buyer.

Yerba Mate Source: In-depth Yerba Mate Description

Caffeine Ingredient

We all know what caffeine is but did you know it is not just a stimulant that increases energy and alertness, it has also been proven to suppress your appetite at a very successful rate. It can be found in many plants and appetite suppressant pills sold online.

But caffeine does come with minor side effects:

  •     Stomach aches
  •     Headaches

When caffeine is used in a supplement pill it needs to have a much higher dose than an average cup of coffee to be effective on your appetite, caffeine is a popular and cheap ingredient to use so many weight loss companies will use this. That being said you should always check another ingredient that is being used alongside caffeine.

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